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Is PRTrend A Scam?

You can control the level of stop loss and drawdown. You can back out of it at any time or you can change the number of traders you follow. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is the sole regulator of PRTrend, which is headquartered in Cyprus. Client funds remain segregated, and an investor compensation fund exists, together with negative balance protection.

scammed by PRTrend

The process is fully automated, so you only need to choose a successful trader to follow. My personal experience is only positive, order execution is fast and withdrawals are without any problems. Copy-trading (I don’t use it), but many traders say it’s beneficial to being master, so I’ll try when be ready. I don’t know who may act against PRTrend, as for me that’s the best broker on the whole market. I like the fact that PRTrend is good for beginners but they also take care of professional traders with all the attentiveness to our needs.

Trading Platforms

At first I traded on my own, but then with free time it became quite stressful, because I had a small child in my family, and I retrained as an investor. At first sight, you might not see anything special in this broker because it provides quite standard trading conditions.

scammed by PRTrend

Fortunately, once I started on an ECN account with this broker my hesitation vanished because I saw a lot of positive things. And there’s one more thing I hope to make the most of. They encourage their clients to be loyal and active. The company gives points and you can exchange them for real cash. Although it should take much time to earn a lot this way, but nevertheless it motivates to trade with this broker.

Recent Offers

In the beginning, the trading signals in PRTrend and the Cent account’s availability are advantageous. I just started trading and am still avidly studying all possible information. It’s good that there is a forex lot of it at PRTrend. And also, the company has quality trading signals. Because I often cannot see the best entry points on the chart. And with the help of the trading signals, I can avoid missing them.

An account inactivity fee is a fee charged to the registered brokerage client. PRTrend is a multi asset platform with 221+ tradable Assets. Assets available on PRTrend include Forex trading, Spread Betting, Social trading, Share Dealing.

scammed by PRTrend

If they encourage even for such simple things as signup, it’s definitely worth trying. offers its clients a choice of 200 financial instruments for trading on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 respectively. On the other hand, PRTrend has some great features that make it more advantageous than its rivals. Its sync trading that allows you to earn passively. Secondly, it’s the broker’s rewarding system that gives points for loyalty. In turn, the broker’s client can get cash by simply exchanging those points.

When Was PRTrend Founded?

Only take the risk of trading when you understand that your invested capital is at risk any time due to market volatility. PRTrend also clearly state on their platform that Your capital is at risk. The leverage needs to be increased and the spread needs to be reduced. On the plus side, the trading platform works very well, I have not seen any failures. PRTrend no doubt features the most comprehensive educational packages in the industry.

scammed by PRTrend

We tested communicating with PRTrend support in multiple languages in multiple countries. PRTrend where able to resolve our customer issues. Our initital investment of ten thousand dollars for the trade and has made a thousand dollars in profit because the price is up ten percent. PRTrend offer CFD which are a leveraged product for this example we describe ten times leverage. As with most brokers, margin requirements do vary depending on the instruments. All available PRTrend payment methods available to you can be found in your PRTrend members area checked on the PRTrend website. Please note that the list of PRTrend payment methods belowdepend on the PRTrend Entity and the Clients Country of Residence.

Trading Account Conditions

A professionally direct investment plan will create hefty returns. Commonwealth Securities and PRTrend are just two such stages which will take you and your investment into great heights. It’s crucial that you compare Commonwealth scammed by prtrend Securities vs PRTrend before you trust them with your money. Because you will receive additional payments from Traders Union every month while all other functions on your chosen trading platform remain the same.

So at the end of the course, I was ready to face forex trading. Often you have to visit and read many broker websites all of which have different uses of language. Choosing an online broker like PRTrend can be difficult. In our review of PRTrend we breakdown the pros and cons. What PRTrend are able to offer, what countries PRTrend are available in.

Can I trade without a broker?

You can invest in the Share Market without a broker also. Yes, my friend you can invest in the share market without any broker and also you can save some cost like brokerage charges. Another option of investing in the stock market with any broker is through the Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP).

I’ve even tried automatic trading here, but it’s a bit different from mine, I like to control the process. Personally, I found almost no problems or difficulties in trading with PRTrend. The brokerage is adequate, it is comfortable to work with. Certainly, it has much more advantages than disadvantages, so I will continue working with it.

How To Report A Scam And Return Your Funds?

Both MT4 and MT5 can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The mobile application offers traders the flexibility and convenience to trade or monitor their open positions. PRTrend mobile app features similar scammed by power trend functionality to the desktop alternatives and gives traders the chance to always trade on go. As a regulated broker, PRTrend is bound by various anti-money laundering and KYC (know-your-customer) guidelines.

scammed by PRTrend

To place trading account under Foxrebate ib group you need send email to Please also BCC to , The sample of the email mentioned below. We might forex analytics earn a commission when visitors shop at our partner stores after visiting our platform. The price for you as a customer does not change!

scammed by PRTrend

I can’t tolerate such an attitude to the client. I’m delighted with the Synchronous Trading service at PRTrend. But for those who want to learn trader how to trade independently, there are not so many advantages. Yes, of course, PRTrend has a lot of trading signals, analytics, and training.

  • I can’t say about their bonuses because I’m not interested in it, but I can say about other things having to do with this company.
  • As a broker, PRTrend connects investors and traders a platform to speculate on the prices financial assets.
  • Some of the reviews and content we feature on this site are supported by affiliate partnerships from which this website may receive money.
  • I used to work in PRTrend and always considered this company to be normal, but due to the fact that some moral monsters fall into leadership positions, you have to quit and change jobs.
  • Most of all, I like that it has bonuses and this is the first time I have tried this sync-trading thing.
  • The brokerage has different courses, and I didn’t know which ones would best suit my trading level.

One of the most important criteria for traders when choosing a broker like PRTrend is the regulatory body and regulatory status of the broker. Brokers who conduct business without regulation do so at their own discretion and pose a direct risk to the security of their clients money. MetaTrader 4 also known as MT4 is the number one trading platform on the planet and has been in active use on financial markets since 2005. Charting functionality and advanced order management tools make certain you could monitor your positions quickly and economically. Depending on the type of trading account you opt for some brokers require a minimum deposit as high as 6500 GBP/USD.

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